Should Boys Learn to Cook?

“Mom, Michael says that cooking is for girls,” My 9 year old son shared as he came in from playing with the neighborhood kids to cook dinner. 

“What do you think?” I asked, wanting him to to express his feelings on the subject, especially in light of the boy’s critical remark.

“I think he’s going to be very hungry when he grows up,” my son says. And after we laugh at the remark, he explained his thoughts – that there’s not always going to be a time when mom or a girl is going to be around to cook for him. And he’d like to eat. 

The whole situation was good for my son to figure out what he truly thought about boys cooking. It was the first time he had really encountered any opinions that boys shouldn’t learn to cook – that it is a girl’s job.  

But it does bring up a question, as moms I think we should ask ourselves: “Should we teach our boys how to cook?” 

It takes more work to teach our kids to cook than to do it ourselves. And yes, Cooking is traditionally “for girls”. Even in today’s “equalized” world, mom is the one responsible for cooking and feeding the family.  But yet many chefs are men.

My son cooked his first pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving 2008

I come from a family culture where it’s not unusual for the men to cook. Though I have never seen my dad cook outside the grill, one of my uncles spent time as a chef and is a wonderful cook. And, I learned a great deal about cooking, baking, and canning from my grandfather, who is the least ”girly” person I know. 

Personally, I’ve required all my kids  to be kitchen helpers, and we’ve done cooking activies together as a family. My son’s favorite memories are those when we all cook together – like the few times we’ve canned or for holidays when there’s so much to cook, we split up the jobs.

Last year when I gave my oldest daughter a day to cook dinner for the family, my son and both his younger siblings wanted their own day to cook. I was almost out of a job.  It became a time to learn to cook a meal that not only they like, but would also please the other members of our family. A practical on thinking of others and feeling that pleasure of serving a meal that others enjoy.

But this is our family. Where do you fall in on this? Do you think boys should learn to cook? Why or why not?

Please leave a comment. I’d like to hear your thoughts.


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3 Responses to Should Boys Learn to Cook?

  1. Yes sons should cook and am grateful to my now departed Mother for her efforts in this area on my my behalf. If nothing else they then know how much real work is involved in the preparation of a meal. Plus they know more than how to use a microwave and where the nearest fast food place is, lastly they might even eat a healthier diet.

  2. Adrielle says:

    Of course they should. I’ve been searching about this certain topic for a while, and it’s obvious that they should learn how to. But I’ve been wondering about the cons to this. WHY should boys cook? It’s a girl thing right? There isnt much answers that reply “no” to this, so I was wondering if you do.

  3. Yes I firmly believe that boys should learn how to cook. My husband was a very good cook when we got married and when I was sick or just home from the hospital with a new baby, my husband was able to cook us a tasty and nourishing meal.

    Adrielle, besides the above 2 reasons why boys should learn how to cook, another one is this. My son was married, but unfortunately it didn’t work out and he is now divorced. He obviously didn’t want to move back in with mom and dad, but he is a type one diabetic, so he needs to eat. I don’t have to worry about him, (too much), because he knows how to cook and actually likes to cook for himself.

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