Preparing Your Homeschool for an Economic Emergency

About two years ago, during a tough economic spell, God put it on my heart that I needed a backup plan. How would I homeschool, what resources, what curriculum would I use, if I didn’t have the funds to buy any more curriculum?

What would you do?

Homeschooling on a Budget: using pinto beans for counting practiceWe’ve encountered our share of economic challenges – some of our own doing (debt) and some just part of life (moves, lay-offs, medical emergencies, etc.). So, it seemed very plausible that there might come a time when I couldn’t afford to purchase anything for our homeschool.

Now, I know that it is possible to completely homeschool with just a internet connection, access to a printer, and a library card, but I’ve never had to do it.  So I set off to figure out what resources might be found – and was amazed at what I found.

Not only are there some wonderful resources out there, but also there’s a certain feeling of security I have knowing without a shadow of a doubt that economic reasons were not going to keep us from homeschooling.

So, over the next few Monday’s I’ll share some of the information I found, so that you too can know that there are some great resources out there for you and your family, if you choose to prepare your homeschool for an economic emergency.

Next, I’ll share the top strategies you can use to ensure you have the homeschool curriculumn and resources you need, even during a financial crisis.

Until then, enjoy the journey.


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  1. Hmsklmum says:

    OFE for free curriculum and links to other free books. Month in a box (google it!)-basic pantry for a small family even if it’s only enough for a week. Listen to Survival Podcast-great tips. Not all of them will apply to homeschooling, but definitely toward paying down debt and emergency preparedness! Good luck!

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