Q&A: When Should I Start a High School Transcript?

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When we homeschool, our children often have the opportunity to start working on high school level material much younger than traditionally schooled children. And that can be a bit of mental adjustment for those of us used to thinking of high school in terms of 9th grade or age 14 or 15. 

I know that last year when my daughter (now 12) earned her first high school credit ( a half credit for Latin), I wasn’t prepared for it. I had heard about homeschoolers starting high school work at 11 or 12, but didn’t really expect to find myself there. (Don’t get me wrong my daughter is bright, but I just wasn’t focused on having her start high school that early.)

I did a bunch of research and discovered that high school transcripts really aren’t that difficult to pull together. The bottomline is that as soon as high school credit is earned it should be recorded on a transcript. That way you always have a running transcript ready in case you need it for outside activities and other opportunities.


P.S. For more information on Transcripts check out my Homeschooling High School Resource page.

 Also, you might find The HomeSchooler’s Easy Truth About High School Transcripts ebook useful.

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