Perseverance: Choosing to Not Give Up

Last week my 9-year-old son’s baseball team won their division championship game (yeah!). And that’s cool in itself. But what makes it even better is that they placed 8th in regular season standings; but because they didn’t give up they managed to walk away as division champions.

This was a lesson the team coaches very distinctly hammered into the boys – Don’t give up!  And it’s a lesson we as adults need to continue to remember – in all the roles we have, as wives, mothers, teachers, friends, and workers/business people.

Perseverance is a key difference between succeeding in whatever we set out to do (and however we define success.)  I’ve seen so often with my own children, in our homeschooling, that just as I think they are not going to grasp something – all of the sudden – it’s there. 

I’ve seen it with our finances, with our search for housing, with job or client work. When things get hard, that’s the time to continue on, despite what we feel.

And we can count it all joy in the end – for the success, the victory is even sweeter. And it builds our faith. Our knowledge that things will work out. We may not always win a championship game; but we will continue to grow and learn and make progress.

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