Should Homeschoolers Take the Same Holidays and Breaks as Public School Kids?

The question around the picnic table at park day last week was – “Are you going to take Spring Break off?”  It’s an interesting question. Should homeschoolers take the same breaks as the local public school kids?

What do you think? What does your family do?

Right now it is Spring Break in our corner of the world, and I have given my 11-year-old the week off. But not her siblings.

Why? Well, because when we take other breaks from school, she rarely gets a full break because she has outside activities and classes that follow a traditional public school holiday schedule, so she usually still has class when the rest of us are on break.

This week was an opportunity for her to have the full week off and take a good break before we push to finish up our school year.  Do I always do this? Absolutely not.

In my opinion, one of the best parts of homeschooling is the ability to take off time when it makes sense for our family, and not when the collective public is taking time off.  We school year around, so we don’t ever short ourselves on school days. In fact we get more than the average 180 days. So I’m just not worried about that part. 

But I do like the kids to have some downtime when their public school friends are out of school and enjoying some freedom. And generally I can work that in without too much difficulty. 

So far I haven’t found a compelling reason why we need to take the same breaks as our local public or private schools.  What are your thoughts?

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3 Responses to Should Homeschoolers Take the Same Holidays and Breaks as Public School Kids?

  1. Mrs. C says:

    Sometimes we take the same breaks because my older children are out of public school. Other times, that is the PERFECT time to get a lot of schoolwork done as the older children can watch the toddlers while I work with the homeschoolers. :]

  2. Shannon says:

    That makes a lot of sense! Thanks for sharing Mrs. C!

  3. Frazzled Mom says:

    Personally, we try to take a “holiday” when the public school kids are off because it is distracting trying to do school when the kids in our neighborhood are running around screaming and playing. It’s also nice to run around and do things with my kids and get a break from the “why aren’t your kids in school” inquiries. Also, my husband is in college so we tend to take our holidays when he has off so we can spend time with him.

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