Releasing Our First Monarch Butterfly of the Season

Our First Monarch Butterfly of the Season

The newly emerged Monarch Butterfly with the chrysalis in the background.

This week we released our first Monarch Butterfly! I love butterfly season. It was a bonus when we moved to Texas that we happened to be right on the migration path for the Monarch butterflies. 

The first year we were here, I planted milkweed and some flowers. Milkweed is the only plant that Monarchs will lay their eggs on, as it is the food their caterpillars eat.

Every Spring, I get to go out each day and count how many caterpillars we have on the milkweed. And because I love to do this, of course the kids think it’s great fun to try to discover the latest changes before mom does. 

The first year we did this, we learned how big the caterpillars grow before they disappear to create their chrysalises. So now, a couple times during the season, we take one caterpillar just at the big and fat stage and put it in my daughter’s Butterfly Habitat or one of the kids’ insect houses. And we watch the metamorphosis. It is always amazing to watch. Over time we’ve learned when the butterfly is about to emerge (the chrysalises becomes translucent and you can see the colors of the butterfly within).

Releasing the new monarch butterfly into the wild

Releasing the new monarch butterfly into the wild

It’s an event each time we release a newly emerged butterfly. Holding a new butterfly in your hand and finding just the right place for it to dry its wings and take off on its first flight – it’s always awe-inspiring and renews my faith.

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