How Hard Is It to Homeschool?

Is homeschooling really a lot of work? Is it really that hard?  Lately I’ve been getting comments from those outside of homeschooling who seem to think that it is a just a huge job or hard work.

This attitude always surprises me. I always seem to stammer, “it’s not that difficult” Because quite frankly of all the things I do, I don’t consider homeschooling really that hard. But maybe that’s because I really enjoy spending time with my kids and talking to them, and exploring the world together. And that’s our approach to homeschooling.

I do spend a lot of time thinking about what direction we’re going and looking at ways of facilitating my kids’ education. But once they get to a certain point, I put them front and center in charge of their education and I play a facilitator role. I’m not forcing knowledge into them – standing at the front of the white board lecturing (though I’ve been known to do that if the occasion warrants it).

I’m simply making available the materials they need, having discussions, giving them lots and lots of room to explore their interests and develop their passions. I suggest materials, classes, curriculum, and partner with the olders.  I set expectations and ensure that they are met, but at the same time give lee-way to nurture those natural gifts and interests they have.

So is homeschooling a bunch of work?  In a way it is, but not any harder than just parenting.

And frankly, I find both homeschooling and parenting incredibly fun, challenging (in a good way), and totally worthwhile.

What’s your perspective?

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3 Responses to How Hard Is It to Homeschool?

  1. Mrs. C says:

    Hi! Came over from Spunky’s!

    I think homeschooling is work, but it’s fun, too. (Most of the time!) I have written a post on this, but am not sure if you have EVER sent your dc to public school to have a comparison. :]

  2. Shannon says:

    Mrs. C,

    So glad you came on over to visit…I got a little opinionated on Spunky…oh well.

    I love your blog post on how hard it is to homeschool. You are right – my kids have never been “to” a public school in a traditional sense. And everytime I even consider it in passing, all the things you talk about in your post come to mind. It is so much easier for us, as a family to homeschool.

    I think I’d end up being at the school or on the phone iwth the teacher more than we even spending schooling now. :) Thanks so much for sharing your comments.

  3. Mrs. C says:

    You? Opinionated? Yes, I had to come over and see what you are all about!

    God bless ya! :]

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