Giving Up Soda – Dealing with the Withdrawl Headaches

It’s been three weeks now since I’ve given up soda (Coke, pop, soft drinks, whatever you call it).  And today is the first time I’ve had the headache… probably because I’m out of sparkling water.

In the past when I’ve given up soda, I’ve immediately been hit with the withdrawl headaches, which I can deal with as long as I’m not tired or trying to focus, but inevitably, I’ve headed back to my trusty Coke when I’m working or overtired.

Knowing that this was going to be a problem and really motivated to give soda up this time around, I decided to replace the soda with flavored sparkling water. And that’s been working! 

I found a brand that I liked that had no sweeteners (amazing how many have some sort of artificial sweetener in it).  But today I ran out of sparkling water. And here’s the headache again.

Instead I’ve been drinking mint tea and it has helped, but not eliminated it. But there must be something about the carbonated water that makes a difference in this.  I’ll have to research it more.

In the meantime I do feel better overall, having cut back so much on the “liquid sugar” and caffiene I was getting from the soda. The keys so far have been:

  • Having a replacement drink for the stress times and the convenience times (I’m using bottled water in the car and cans/bottles of unsweetened, lemon-flavored sparkling water in the house and on outings)

  • Eliminating the soda from the house – if someone else in the house wants soda, they have to buy it with their own money and keep it away from me.

  • Knowing why I’m giving soda up and remembering it when I’m posed with the choice.

  • Choosing an alternative drink when posed with the choice. (I’m using water, fruit juice, smoothies, etc.)

If you can, please say a prayer for me to continue to have the resolve to make these choices so that I can fully eliminate soda from my diet.

Do you have any more tips or experiences to share that will make this easier? 

If so, …please…please…share them in the comments! (I need all the help I can get :) )

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2 Responses to Giving Up Soda – Dealing with the Withdrawl Headaches

  1. Michelle says:

    I, too have been battling the same experience. I was addicted to Dr Pepper and found myself gaining a few extra pounds into my thirties. I used it as a mental crutch, emotional crutch, any excuse i could think of to rationalize my habit. I usually blamed stress and that was really working for me as my family and friends could see my boat was overloaded. I was feeling bloated all the time and generally tired without it. Then, when i realized what a poor example I was setting for my 7 year old when she would drink it because i did, I said no more. I fasted for 4 days only consuming water w/lemon. it was aweful, I had terrible headaches and withdrawal. But now, 3 weekslater, grateful to just have food, I have stayed away from that terrible, yet delicious poison. I am afraid of it, and realize that if I just have one, I am back again to square one. No Dr pepper is allowed in my house. My daughter no longer drinks it because I don’t.
    People fail to realize that this is a real addiction and can lead to health issues and weight problems. Glad you addressed the issue and good luck to you!

  2. Kayla says:

    When I was in Jr. High I was addicted to Pepsi. It made my stomach hurt so I gave it up. Then you forget about the stomach ache and I went back. I’ve gone back numerous times. But my most recent attempt at kicking the habit has come because I’ve noticed that if I drink even 1 soda a few days later I have some kind of dental pain. Plus the stomach upset. Its just not worth it. I don’t keep it in the house and I do my best to remember to choose something else when away from home. I think the reminder of what it does to my body is the biggest motivator. I also try to tell everyone around me so they don’t offer and tempt me with it and can remind me if I’m reaching for it. I’m wishing all of us the best this go around! :D

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