De-stressing with a Home Office Move

Last week I moved my office and what a difference it has made – to me, to the family, and to my ability to get things done. 

Up until six months ago, I’ve always had my office in a main part of the house, usually the living room or in a room that opens up into the living room – so I could see the kids while I worked.  But six months ago, I felt I needed an office where I could close the doors and not be disturbed while I was focusing or on a conference call. And that sort-of worked.

Unfortunately, what I failed to factor in is how separate it would make me, how much I would miss the view of the yard and kids playing, and how much less space I would have. So I’ve moved again.

My office is now in front of a 12 foot span of windows overlooking the back yard, where I can see the butterflies twitter about my garden and the dragonflies zoom across the yard, and I can see my kids playing. 

Looking to my right I have the rest of the living room, where I can see my 5 year old working on her art projects, my 11 year old reading, and all four of the kids’ computers (and exactly what is on them). 

I’m so much more accessible here. But also have so much more space to work. Everything feels so much more open, and when I need a break I can just look up and remember why I’m doing this. 

It’s amazing what a little location change can do for productivity and psyche.

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