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We love audio books! I might even say that audio books are my best time saving tool as a work-at-home, homeschooling mom. I love to read to the kids, but I just don’t have enough time. So, we listen to audio books – in the car, during quiet time, while doing mundane tasks…  But buying audio books can get very expensive. Thankfully our library has a great selection, but they don’t have everything we want and my 11 year old has listened to nearly all that she’s interested in. Thankfully I found

Volunteers from are turning public domain works into audio book format. So many popular works that are in public domain (copyright before 1923) are now available for free in mp3 format from, including homeschool favorites like:

The list goes on. Even classical history books like the ”Famous Men of…”  series are available.

The audio books can be downloaded onto your computer and then burned to CD or DVD or stored on a flash drive or your mp3 player.  I use iTunes to subscribe to the audio book I want and then download it to my …my daughter’s… iPod. I also use iTunes to burn copies to CD, so they can be listened to on a regular CD player.

We’ve even picked out stories from to burn to CD as birthday gifts and Christmas gifts for friends and family. For the price of your time and the cd’s they make a great (frugal) gift! 

LibriVox’s “Our Catalog” search engine is better than many I’ve used. If you are looking for something specific, it’s worth using. The search results will show you both completed audio and works in progress. If a book you want is still in progress, they have a tool that will notify you via email when the audio book is completed and ready for download. 

The “Browse Entire Catalog” feature lists all the completed works in alphabetic order by author’s last name. If you are using classics in your curriculum or using curriculum that heavily uses public domain works (like A2, Robinson, or Old Fashioned Education), then this is a great resource to find the books on audio.

Also, if you or your older kids are looking for a service project, I recommend checking out LibriVox’s volunteers page.



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