A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Family – Wednesdays

Today is the first day back to our regular Wednesday schedule in four months. I adore Wednesdays; the days are peaceful, quiet, and productive. They’re one of our sanity days at home, where we keep the home in homeschooling.

The kids do their morning chores and play time while they wait for me to be ready for the day and make breakfast. (Wednesdays are one of the few days I make breakfast instead of delegating to one of the kids.). Today it was whole wheat waffles and yogurt/strawberry/granola parfaits. And we sit and talk over breakfast and mint tea. Then everyone goes to their schoolwork.

Since the youngers finish their schoolwork in less than 45 minutes, they go off to play and be creative in their games or art work, while the olders finish up their reading and math. Today, my 11 year old struggled a bit with factoring fractions, as we had taken a break from it for a week, and she needed a refresher. So, she and I worked through some practice problems together and she got it again. She’s now done and curled up in the recliner, reading In Grandmas Attic.

My 9 year old hasn’t yet gotten to his math yet, because he’s absorbed in the new book I assigned him: In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson. Since we are in baseball season, I pulled it off our Sonlight 3/4 shelf and assigned it to him. He is completely absorbed so we may need to forgo math today or do light math, ‘cuz it’s looking like he’s just going to read the book straight through. Can’t complain about that.

At my desk I have classical music playing because I’m working on magazine proofing today, and I can’t have music with lyrics in the background while I’m editing…makes it hard to focus. Later when I’m coding and doing analytical work I’ll switch over to KLOVE or KSBJ, but for now, it’s classical and all very relaxing and peaceful.

The youngers are now working at the art table. My 7 year old is reading an apology letter he wrote to his younger sister to make up for the fight they just had, while she is taping up a present she wants to give to someone.

My 11 year old has moved now to the computer and researching Roman Mythology for her Latin class and checking email. She just called me over to see some pictures of 3D art her friend sent her. In a couple hours she’ll be online with her friend in California for their weekly chat date.

And,the tissue paper has come out on the art table…I’m sure by the end of the day, I’ll have paper clipping all over the floor again, but the process of creating is so critical in my opinion, it’s worth the mess (besides…they are the ones who will be cleaning it up…:)

Our day will progress like this, until it’s time to leave for baseball practice. With the kids doing their schoolwork and playing, working on their projects, while I work on mine. I love days like this!

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