7 Tips for Overcoming Homeschool Mommy Burnout

At some point in the year most of us reach that burnout point in our homeschooling adventure. Frazzled Mom went so far to call January, National Homeschool Burnout Month.  This incited an interesting conversation on our local homeschool support group.

Earlier Karri Fieglein shared with us her 26 Tips for Overcoming Homeschool Burnout. Well, Lorry Nell, a homeschooling mom of 4, has also generously agreed to share her 7 tips and a little perspective to help us overcome homeschool burnout. (Thanks Lorry!!)

7 Tips for Overcoming Homeschool Mommy Burnout

By Lorry Nell

Here are a couple of things I try and do if I feel like I’m approaching homeschool mommy burnout:

1.   Remember “WHY” we’re homeschooling in the first place. Make a list of reasons or write a mission statement; even telling someone who will listen to why you are homeschooling often helps!

2.   Get back to the basics, take things a bit slower – it’s O. K.!

3.   Have some silly fun: bake, make crafts, sing, play games, do skits, listen to your favorite tunes, have a lip syncing show, and dress up, etc.

4.   Get out of your house; like that saying “Get out of the boat…”  I find that being inside my house too much gets me down in the dumps, especially in the cold, wet, rainy, winter months.  Try to get outside in each season; observe/participate in “creation” wherever you live! 

5.   Read a book that has NOTHING to do with homeschooling!

6.   Make a list of all the things you HAVE accomplished since you began homeschooling and praise God for ALL that He has given you!

7.   This one may seem drastic to some, but being that I’m an ex-public school educator, if I’m having an especially hard time, I have been known to visit my local public school and ask for a list of the essential elements, lunch, and daily schedule for the grade level of students in my household and am miraculously inspired to race home, hug and kiss my kids and get right back into the trenches of homeschooling my four blessings!  I know, I know, I’m probably going to get razzed on this one – but it’s true!

Please remember, we are a threat to Satan’s schemes/plans.

It’s true, homeschooling is very hard. 

It’s true that we are doing at least 2 full time jobs simultaneously. 

It’s true, that we could have the day off, five days a week/ 9 months a year, If we put our kids in school. 

It’s true, we could have the whole day to ourselves to do WHATEVER we wanted: grocery shop, hair cuts, shopping, sleeping (who gets enough of this?). 

What we do each day is our own humble attempt to teach our children that HIStory is far better that any other author’s…  This is about the Lord’s unfolding plan; not mine.  Some days I think, come on Lorry, you’re suppose to know this stuff like the back of your hand, but I often am faced w ith situations that I just don’t see coming. 

EVERY year, what worked the past year doesn’t usually work for the next.  As the dynamics of  our family changes, so do our needs. I went from homeschooling in one room upstairs, to schooling in different parts of our home. And that’s O. K.  Do what your comfortable with – my children respond well when they know that I like what/where/how I’m doing whatever it is that we’re doing. 

Each of us are working on beautiful tapestries called our families. And if you humble yourself and seek Him each new day, do your very best, that’s all any of us can do!

If none of the above mentioned lifts your spirit or puts a smile on your face, call me and I’ll have you come over to my home for tea/conversation and you are welcome to have a first hand glance at my humble attempt in the schooling of our 4 kiddos!  When you realize we’re all more or less in the same boat, you will be feeling fine in NO time!

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