When You Just Want to Cry

“I’m so tired of this! I just want to cry!”

I called my friend today to check in on her, make sure she was okay. And it turned out she just was completely overwhelmed. I’ve been there, said the exact same words. So, I told her to cry. It’s okay to let loose of the emotion. God gave us that mechanism for a physical release.  My friend’s been going through a LOT of challenges lately and a lot of change. It’s not easy. But she doesn’t have to be strong all the time.

While we know that God won’t give us more than we can handle, sometimes we just need to let loose of the emotion, figuratively get down on our knees, and be real in our emotion.  Then we can pick ourselves back up and, with God’s help, and that of our friends, keep on going. But sometimes we just need to let go first.

I’m pretty private in my emotions. But sometimes I just need to let it out. I use a journal book and prayer, but sometimes even I just need to lock myself in a quiet space and cry. Yeah, I’ll end up with a headache, but the next day I’m usually better focused, have a better perspective, and can move forward again.  I think that as women we sometimes expect too much from ourselves.  I know that my husband needs his down time, but for whatever reason it’s difficult for me to allow myself, or give myself that downtime.

If you are in a difficult spot right now, give yourself permission to take some time, to let out that repressed emotion, so that you can be refilled.

And in case it helps, here’s a free audio from Cindy Rushton that may encourage you.

Oops! My Cup is Empty and My Coffee Pot is Broke!
Audio Workshop Download With Cindy Rushton

Tired? Weary?  Find yourself overwhelmed by the tremendous load of motherhood? Do you consider this one of the most demanding, yet rewarding roles you will ever fill yet that send shivers down your spine?

Join Cindy as she exhorts you in your high calling.  This workshop shares Cindy’s heart as she shares about those good days and bad days, sweet memories and rather bitter moments that have made life so precious all along the way. 

Taking you on a journey back in Scripture to meet Hannah, Cindy shares God’s answers to her heart cry during times she has found her OWN cup empty while everything continued to hit all at once!

The biblical insights are sure to draw YOUR heart to your Heavenly Father AND to those you are pouring into. Join us as Cindy ministers encouragement and direction straight from the Word of God to your heart, soul, and mind!

Download by Mp3

(Listen to through your browser or download to your computer and listen via your MP3 player)

If this recording uplifted you, I recommend checking out Cindy’s Ultimate Women’s Expo (UWE). Over 20 speakers are sharing their hearts and experience in a way designed to uplift and encourage you. Cindy’s built a private, exclusive Membership Site that includes everything from the UWE in one place – all the audios (from all of the sessions and from the bonus gifts from her speakers), ebooks,  articles, printable planning pages, cookbooks, on and on. Everything is online indefinitely. 

Anyway, if you need your cup refilled, it’s worth checking out. Access to the event and the membership site is only $19.95. Click here for more info.

Whether you listen to the chat from Cindy or not, know that you are not alone and things always work out. Maybe not the way that we expect them to and sometimes in very strange ways, but they always do work out.


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