Planting Seeds and Watching Them Grow

Catalogs are beginning to arrive in the mail again. They call to me, asking for time to sit and read, and dream about what could be done, if I had the funds to part with… Actually it’s a double doozy. Because catalogs on my two favorite spending categories are coming in – Gardening and Curriculum.

In the last few days, I’ve received at least 5 different seed catalogs. Oh they call to me. I spent a few hours on Sunday flipping through and dreaming up what could be growing in my garden this year. Then finally I realized what I was doing and sat down and actually wrote up a list of what I wanted to grow in the garden and compared that to what seeds I already have. …Okay, I don’t need to order as many seeds as my wish list originally said. But boy, what a garden it would be if I could really grow all that calls my attention.

Gardening is much like parenting and homeschooling. You plant seeds, give them water, nutrients, love, and space to grow, and wait to see what happens. Periodically I make mistakes, forget to water on a hot day, over water during rainy week. But eventually I watch the plants grow and produce. Very much like parenting a child, only a whole lot faster to see the results.

I am struck again today on how much I like my kids. Not because they are my kids, but because they are interesting people, unique in their own way. Sometimes I make mistakes, and sometimes they make mistakes. But you know, I really enjoy the journey of watching them grow.

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