Parent Volunteers – Thank You For All You Do!

As a family, we have benefited so much from all the effort and diligence, and patience that many different parent volunteers to put in to create opportunities for the kids and to help keep them running. 

Just yesterday, my 11 yo had Latin class, run by a parent who not only is paid for her time, but also puts in countless extra hours proving extra help and resources for the kids. My 5 yo went to our homeschool preschool group hosted by a parent who has a fantastic playroom and led by a mom who does a wonderful job singing and dancing with the kids and making each one feel special and included. Later I corresponded with two parent volunteers for cub scouts, who put in goodness how many hours keeping that program going. And that’s just in one day.

There are sports programs, homeschool groups, scouting activities, field trips, free homeschool resources (like HomeschoolShare and An Old Fashioned Education), you name it, parents are volunteering their time and energy, taking time away from their families and their interests to create these wonderful opportunites for our kids. I just want to say THANK YOU!!

While you may not always hear it or maybe even feel it, Know that you are appreciated.


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