Casting a Vision – Part 3: An Example

Earlier in this series, I shared the concept of writing down a Vision for yourself, in relation to each of the roles that you have in your life. If you missed the previous posts, please read part one and part two.

The goal with Casting a Vision is not to say this is where we are currently, but where we want to go, who we want to be. By casting your vision of who you want to be, of where you want to go, you then give yourself a tool in which to focus your growth. It gives you a destination to work towards.

So, here’s an example of what this might look like.

As a Child of God, I want to be a person known to seek Him, to be knowledgeable in his Word. To grow in him and to follow His purpose for my life.

As a Wife, I want to be someone my husband wants to spend time with. I want to be his helpmate, to edify and build him up. I want to be a blessing to my husband, and not just financially.

As a Mom, I want to be a blessing to my children. To have them remember their childhood as a time of love, laughter, and learning. I want to provide love, instruction, and as needed, correction, so that they may grow up to be productive, ever-growing people who are using their unique gifts to follow whatever path God has for them.

As a Homemaker, I want my home to be inviting and a place where people feel welcome, and that my husband wants to come home to. I want it to be a place that my kids feel comfortable bringing their friends and their friends feel comfortable hanging out.

As a Professional, I want to be someone people want to work with. I want to be sought out as someone who does excellent work, is good to work with, and who gets the job done, whatever that maybe. I want to be able to choose my projects and do them well.

As a Person, I want to be healthy, productive, and ever-growing and learning. I want to follow my interests, travel, and encourage others. I want to be an enabler, a person who inspires, encourages, and improves the lives of those around her.

Remember these are for you, so they don’t have to be in this format or be worded like this, but it’s an example. These were mine from four years ago. And, they help me keep what’s important to me in front of me, help me prioritize.

Tomorrow I’ll share how I use this vision to move forward and to create actionable goals. Until then, I hope you pick up pen or pencil, or even crayon if that’s what’s available, and start writing down your vision for you.

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