Casting A Vision – Part 1: Re-Aligning Life

The last two weeks of the year are always busy for me. Not only do we have the holidays, and the shorter work weeks, but also the work always seems to be abundant during this period. The year is ending, there are projects that need to be finished. This year it was the editing of a technical magazine I work with and the continued management of an affiliate program I’m working with. But more than that, the latter two weeks of the year are busy for me personally. 

This is the time where I start thinking about what I’ve accomplished personally and professionally during the year, and re-assessing where I want to be going for the new year.  I spend time revisiting my life and where I am at in it, and where I want to be in it.

I’ve struggled a lot with keeping things balanced and in proper alignment. And so I often use this time to pray, read, and really focus on where I am going and where I really should be going.

Four years ago, I resigned from my (more than) full-time, telecommuting job, and started working freelance again, solely on a project basis. It was a big change for me, because at the time, I was completely out of alignment. Work came first, then the kids, then if he was lucky, my husband. God got sprinkled in as I rely on him for strength, because much of what I do cannot be done without him. But me, myself, and I was well, not healthy.

I needed to re-align my life.  Some of that journey can be found on my Realigning Life blog, written when I was really re-evaluating myself and getting a grip on what I wanted out of my life as a working, homeschooling mom and more importantly as a wife and child of God.

During this process, I picked up two Elizabeth George books: A Wife After God’s Own Heart and A Woman After God’s Own Heart.  And because my marriage had suffered from the years of putting work first – being tied to computer, phone, and deadlines –  I started with A Wife After God’s Own Heart. I wish I could find the notes I took from that time to share with you. The blog is only a small bit of what I had written about.  Next, I’ll share one of the most instrumental things I did as a result of this process – Casting A Vision.

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