Is Homeschooling a Better Choice than Public Schools?

Do you feel that home schooling is better than public schools in an educational sense? Why or why not?

This question came up in an interview last year and while this is a much more complex question, here is my initial response as a homeschooling mom of 4, having homeschooled preschool through 6th grade (so far):

It depends on the family and the child. Homeschooling is not for everyone.

However, if the parents are willing to engage in the educational process and facilitate their child’s interests and educational journey, then yes, home schooling can be a better choice than public schools.

But is also important to look at “better” in areas outside of pure academics. While the nature of homeschooling, customized, personal, one-on-one education, allows for homeschool students to receive a more solid educational basis, it also allows students to excel in areas that are not facilitated within traditional public school systems – for example, music, art, sports, etc.

Homeschooling allows students to spend the time developing their natural talents and develop mastery in basic education topics, where public schooling is unable by its very nature to spend the time and energy developing each individual child at that child’s natural pace.

For families who move or travel, homeschooling also allows them continuity with their child’s education. Schools do not teach the same subjects on the same schedules and requirements from one school district and/or state to another are not the same. In a homeschool environment, students are able to continue along with no disruption to their academics and little potential for creating “holes” due to jumping from one school to another.

Also, when life event (like illness or death) happen causing stress for children and families, homeschool families can take breaks or do “light” school and then resume school on the schedule that best meets their needs. They do not have worry about getting behind or grades suffering because life is too overwhelming to facilitate the academic learning process.

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