Holiday Traditions: Keeping Christ in Christmas


This week over at Tip Junkie, the Talk to Me Tuesday theme is How to do you keep Christ in Christmas? A very good question.

Here at our house, we spend the season discussing what Christmas really is, and the most important gift that Christ has given us. We refer to Christmas as Jesus’ birthday, and when the kids were younger explained that Christ perfers that instead of giving gifts to him, the best gift we can give our love and gifts to others.

Each year we choose a ministry that helps distribute gifts to children who may not otherwise get them, and each child chooses the gifts to donate. This is an exercise in being able to think of others while in the toy department.

We emphasize thinking up and making gifts and cards for each other. If gifts are to be purchased, we go in secret to do the purchasing keeping the focus on the other person. On Christmas day, we do a birthday cake for Jesus and discuss the circumstances of Jesus’ birth and ministry on earth.

So, how do you keep Christ in Christmas?

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3 Responses to Holiday Traditions: Keeping Christ in Christmas

  1. Jenn says:

    I have a tradition I started with my family that helps us remember CHRIST in Christmas. We do a progressive nativity. After we finish an activity we get to put the related nativity charactor out. Joseph was a carpenter so once the tree is up he comes out. Marie was such a giving person so once we give out our neighbor gifts she comes out. The Shepards come out after we have gone through our old toys and leave them with others, just like the shepards had to leave the sheep. The Angel=caroling or go to a concert. Three Wise Men=looking at lights (following the star). And finally Christ comes out on Christmas morning.
    One final thing we do, as a count down to Christmas we open a gift each night that has a small treat for the kids and a scripture reference. We read the scripture about a gift that Christ has given us and talk about how greatful we are to have it in our lives. The last gift we open(Christmas Eve) is the Atonemnet. Every year I have done this we end up bearing our testimony of graditude for all we have. Then we pull out our Gift’s for Christ stocking and write down a gift we will work on giving to Christ during the up coming year. We pull out our gift from the year before and then put the new one in the stocking.
    Sorry this is so long I just LOVE all the celebrations of Christ during this season.

  2. Shannon says:

    Jenn, what great ideas. I would have never of thought of the progressive nativity. But I really like the thought of writing down a gift we will work on giving Christ during the upcoming year. I spend a lot of time praying and planning my goals for the upcoming year and never ever thought about thinking about offering up soemthing specific to Christ each year. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Open says:

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