Great Gift Ideas: Legos for Girls

Legos are big at my house. Very big.  It’s hard to walk anywhere without some little piece being found. Every night my 9 year old spends 10 minutes showing me his latest creations. The neighborhood boys even have Lego swaps. So it should be no surprise when my nearly 5 year old little girl came to me crying because she didn’t have any Legos of her own.

Well, technically she does. She has Duplos. But according to her she’s too big for them. And apparently she got a hold of her brothers’ Lego catalog. Lego has new PINK legos…

LEGO® Pink Brick Box

…and the Belville series, with puppies,

Playful Puppy

and horses and stables…

Horse Jumping

….and such that appeal to her little girl dreams. 

So in the back of my mind, I was thinking I’d spring for at least one lego set for her. But today I got an email from Lego; there’s only one more day of guaranteed arrival using standard shipping. AHHH! I have to order by Dec 11 to get it shipped here on time. Or pay faster shipping. eeks. Guess I better figure out what I’m going to do quick.

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