Gifts Kids Can Make: Wooden Doll Cradle

The doll cradle Josh made for Essy

The doll cradle Josh made for his 4 yr old sister


Last year for Christmas Josh (then 8 years old) made this wooden doll cradle for his 4 year old sister. For the cost of a 1x 10 and a couple dowels, he fulfilled his sister’s desire for a rocking cradle for her dolls. 

The complete materials list requires a 1×10, a 1×6, a 1 inch dowel, a 1×1 firring strip, and finishing nails, screws, and wood glue. We had everything but the 1×10 and the dowel.  The remaining wood and the paint we had, gleaned from Freecycle earlier in the year.

Josh was involved in each step with either his father or I helping him as needed. It was a fun time, when the garage was off-limits, as our own little Santa’s workshop.


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