Gifts Kids Can Make: Holiday Candle

Candle Decorated with Candy Canes and Ribbon

Candle Decorated with Candy Canes and Ribbon


My 9 year old cub scout came home with this great little gift idea last week. It’s made with a religious candle from a dollar (or 99 cents) store, ribbon, and candy canes (also from a dollar/99 cent store). It’s a quick, and festive gift idea that kids can make easily. And it’s cheap (er…frugal) at less than $3 for all the materials. It could be less if you pick up the candles at a thrift store or in bulk.

Basically, they tied ribbon around the top, and then tied a short piece of ribbon to hook end of the candy cane and tied the other end of that ribbon to the ribbon around the top. And did this so there was candy canes hanging on all sides.

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