Gifts Kids Can Make: Gifts-in-a-Jar

The Cookies-in-a-Jar mix Kate gave to her Latin teacher this year.

The Chocolate Chip Cookies-in-a-Jar mix Kate gave to her Latin teacher this year.

We discovered Gifts-in-a-Jar several years ago, when Kate’s Keepers of the Faith group did them.  We had such fun with it, and it was such a thoughtful, but frugal gift idea, we decided to make them for all of our relatives. 

That year, we made up 25 jars, using three different recipes we found on the interent (just search “cookie in a jar recipe”). Since then we’ve made them for neighbors, friends, and this year Kate gave one to her Latin teacher.

The basic premise is to layer, strata style, the different dry ingredients into an appropriately sized mason/canning jar. And then topping it off with a peice of decorative fabric and a tag listing the instructions and wet ingredients needed. Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Jar is our favorite gift in a jar recipe, but there are tons more you can do.

Kate or I can put one of together in less than 10 minutes.  But we find it fun to  do them in batches of 6 and assign jobs so each child is integrally involved in the process – either measuring, pouring, or tapping down ingredients. It makes a mess, but boy it is fun to do.

For more gifts in a jar recipes, check out Living on a Dime’s Gifts in a Jar ebook. It’s full of other great inexpensive, but thoughtful gifts in a jar ideas.

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  1. GS test demo says:

    Gifts Kids Can Make: Gifts-in-a-Jar | Living Life at Home

  2. Ricardo says:

    Ashly – Stacey! I love your work! Will you send me your pricing. I am going to check your wetbsie to see if you have details there, too. thanks!

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