Best Intentions

Things don’t always go as planned. Today I was supposed to sit down and write…for you, actually. But instead I got caught up in things of the household. It happens, but then there are days where nothing can distract me, because my prioirty is on work.

Today, I allowed the household to distract me from what I had intended to do. But then again, I know that for the next four days my focus must be on work, and therefore yes, indeed I did put my family before you, my dear reader. For that I’m sorry, and not, as my family needed me.

But don’t worry - I have a camera full of illustrations to go with the posts I have in store for you – including a short series on planning and setting goals as a work-at-home, homeschooling mom. Also, have to share some great insight from Carrie Wilkerson (aka The Barefoot Executive) and friends on Juggling being a Work at Home mom with life (though I’ll have to throw in some of my own comments as to how to adapt their insight to homeschooling also (as homeschoolers, we just don’t get those school hours for focus time, but that’s okay, it’s worth it.)

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you back here later this week!


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