7 Great Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Today’s great gift ideas come from another work-at-home, homeschooling mom, Frazzled Mom. Tuesday, she posted these great gift ideas on her blog: Adventures in Homeschooling.

1. Homemade bread – either a yeast bread or a quick bread. Cook, Cool, and wrap in an individual bag, or for a homespun touch, wrap in a pretty cloth and ribbon.

2. A bread and bagle slicing guide – for those who bake their own bread or who have to slice their own bagels. (Oh I wish I had one of those!)

3. A gourmet meal basket – just think with a basket, a red and white checked cloth, some candles, and the yummy food Frazzled Mom suggests. I wouldn’t mind recieving one of these!

4. A Game Day Snack Pack - Check out the picture she posted; this is brillant. She’s covered a box in wrapping paper, and stuffed it full of game day snacks.  Snack foods make great stocking stuffers too, but this is a wonderful idea for the men or sports fanatics in our lives!

5. Movie Tickets and free babysitting. Frazzled Mom’s got a creative idea for packaging these in a candy or popcorn container. (Definitely a great idea!)

6. A stuffed animal with a Zoo Membership. This is a neat idea for grandparents or for siblings to go in on. I know my kids would love it!

7. A theme park gift basket, including all the essentials for a fun day at the theme park. Check out her suggestions on her blog. While not inexpensive, this is a great custom idea for a special family in your life.

What do you think – any of these ideas sound good to you? All very easy to do as a family, can be cost effective, and thoughtful.

Remember December is our Gifts and Sanity for the Holidays month. Please share any inexpensive, homemade, and/or thoughtful gift ideas you have or have recieved on your blog and/or in the comments. If you blog about your holiday traditions, please let us know about your post.

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  1. Frazzled Mom says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I also posted an additional gift idea for the iced tea lover on your list on my blog. Click here to see it http://frazzledmomparty.blogspot.com/2008/12/yeah-mr-coffee.html Also, another cool idea for the cook who loves shortcuts… http://frazzledmomparty.blogspot.com/2008/08/make-perfect-rice-in-your-microwave.html

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