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What Part of Thanksgiving Are You? Quiz

Okay, apparently, I’m goofing off this morning, procrastinating a little after cooking all day yesterday. I ran across this fun little quiz on Amy’s Jounalling Back to Joy blog.  What Part of Thanksgiving Are You? Apparently, I’m mashed potatoes. Which …

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A Fun Little Quiz

Ran across this little personality quiz while reading Charity’s Faith, Hope, and Charity blog.  Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone else? Apparently I’m a Grace. What are you? It’s a fun little quiz, just overlook the 1960′s …

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On Socialization – What the Research Says

Socialization of homeschoolers tends to be a big sticky point for too many people. As a homeschooler, I really consider it a non-issue (esp. on the days when my house is overrun with kids or I’m being a taxi driver for …

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