Freebies Worth Grabbing at CurrClick Today

Over on my Munya School blog, I promised to share if there were any freebie’s over at CurrClick today that were worth the visit…and since there are, I thought I’d share with you as well.

On my download list are:

Memory Making Made Easy – easy to make gifts (we like to make our own gifts)

Teaching  Less While Your Children Learns More – from Living Books Curriculum on the Charlotte Mason approach.

Reading 2 Digit Numbers – games for learning to read double digit numbers (Zach needs some help in this area and he loves games!)

Using the Net Teaching Multiplication  – from Dori Oakes – she’s is a wealth of knowledge on where to find things on the web that work in a homeschool situation. (And Josh needs more practice on his multiplication)

Proverbs to Live By Copywork – The Godly Daughter - - usually I create my own copywork, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone else pull it together. In this case, I’d really like Kate to go through some of these proverbs and this will make a good reference.

Anyway, for today only CurrClick has 28 downloads available for FREE. These are just my picks for my needs. But if you head over there, you’ll find unit studies, an American Girl lapbook, tips for homeschooling, a nice variety. Probably something for everyone.

They also have a sale going (doesn’t everyone this weekend) on many of the seasonal products. I saw lapbooks from Hands of a Child (a favorite lapbook kit vendors), and a variety of other things. I’m considering picking up Homemade Gifts for $2.25.

Anyway, it’s worth checking out to see if there’s any freebies you are interested in.


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