Sometimes a comment, a question, a quote can strike so very true, in just the right moment, that it forces me to think, question, and change course. It’s happened multiple times throughout the years. I’ve shared how reading When the …

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What would happen if instead of asking our children, our teens, what they want “to do” in life, we ask them “what lifestyle” they want? Lately, I’ve been obsessed with reading and contemplating Cal Newport’s StudyHacks blog and two of …

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On January 1st, 2013, my 17 year old sister Danielle (Dani) joined our household. Before joining us, Dani was a junior, well steeped in public school culture, active in competitive sports, with full social life. But, during my New Year’s …

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My friends will probably laugh at this, but I’ve always considered myself fairly tolerant. I’m a big believer in “one size does not fit all” and have often written about that philosophy. As a teen and young adult I had …

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When Kids have Meltdowns & Tantrums in Public

Uncontrollable crying, screaming, yelling – ever seen a kid melt down out in public?  Last year at Christmas time, I ran into this three times in one week. The first was in Michael’s. The store was packed, and this young …